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Western Union is the fastest way to send and receive money around the world without bank accounts. The transaction takes only a few minutes.

How to send money (terms valid in the Czech Republic)

In any branch of Western Union fill in the form "TO SEND MONEY".

Hand the filled in form over to the counter worker with required amount along with a fee and your proof of identity. the form "TO SEND MONEY".

Transaction will be entered to the Western Union system by the worker.

You will receive confirmation of the transaction, including the money transfer control number (MTCN).

Contact the receiver and tell them the information needed to pay the money.

Additional Information

  • You can send the Czech koruna (CZK) and to selected countries (Vietnam, China, Ukraine) U.S. dollars (USD)
  • maximum amount to be sent from the Czech Republic is 7.400 USD (or its equivalent in CZK)
  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is not required in some countries, in such states the amount will be paid without the knowledge of MTCN!
  • Transaction may be paid at any branch of Western Union in the state, you listed as payout country (except for transactions into the U.S. and Mexico, as well as transactions within the Czech Republic)
  • Western Union has the right to refuse the transaction
  • Test Question and Answer has a single purpose ? it replaces the proof of identity of the receiver.

IMPORTANT! Protect yourself from scammers!


If you are sending money to a stranger or unknown person requires you to pay this way for goods or services before their delivery (especially offers on the Internet), for transport or insurance, payments as deposit to secure a lease for housing which you have not seen, allow payment of winnings in a lottery or betting, you run the risk of losing money. If still such a transfer is sent, you do so entirely at your own risk. Western Union is not responsible for the correct and proper delivery of goods or services paid through transfers under the brand Western Union.

DON'T GIVE AWAY DETAILS OF MONEY TRANSFER TO ANY OTHER PERSON THAN INTENDED RECIPIENT. If you do, you give that person the opportunity to achieve payment of money transfer.

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